New Brand “REVISED”


As the brand name suggests, REVISED means to provide a new standard for basic clothing by incorporating special order high quality fabrics with high quality Japanese manufacturing, stepping away from the recent trend of mass production outside of Japan used by other brands, REVISED brings production back to Japan without compromise as a small package brand. We use fabrics that have been processed by specialist machines, some of which are a one of a kind even in Japan, combined with special techniques such as secret veil processing on fabric surfaces that upgrade the quality to an exceptional high standard that you can feel, like for example the subtle moisture of suede. REVISED combines a simplistic design aesthetic, with attention to the sense of touch, meaning you can feel the difference when wearing it. It is a clean and simple brand of exceptional quality that is based on monotone colors; setting a new standard in basic wear, while keeping a sporting feel that is comfortable for everyday living. The selection of fabrics are knit, fleece and jersey, which all have a sense of relaxation due to the materials used combining together to make an attractive finish. REVISED exists to bridge mode, street and sports wear into an androgynous new standard package.